Life It’s Never Enough June 21, 2019

“If you are weary in the waiting, take whatever strength you have left,
and run to the shores of grace.
Arrive broken, burdened, carrying your tapestry
made of worries, and be willing and ready to lay it all down
at the feet of Jesus.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols

These past few minutes, I’ve been hearing the words “it’s never enough” over and over. I’ve been wondering why I’m hearing these words, and then I realized something:
It’s never enough for us. We always want more. We need more. Nothing on this earth can satisfy us. We need more of Jesus, we need more of His presence.
Only Jesus can satisfy our thirst.
Then I saw this quote on Pinterest:
“Until Jesus is enough for you, no person or thing will ever be.” (Steven Furtick)

The words I was hearing are coming from my own heart. How often is it that we crave to hear God? How often do we have that desire to seek more of Jesus?
Today, I just want to encourage you to sit at His feet and soak in His presence. I want you to search deep within and find that desire for Jesus. I want you to hear His voice, feel His presence as He surrounds you with His never-ending love.
The Bible is full of motivational scriptures that simply are a path to the relationship with our Creator. We always need to continuously seek Him, in order to grow, receive His blessings, His guidance – we need to be on a path of forever searching for Him, drawing closer and closer. Bathing in His love.
Christ alone is enough for me. He is enough for you. He is enough for everyone.

How sad He is for us, when we continue to look to other things of the world in order to satisfy our thirst, our cravings? When we seek and look to someone else to fulfill our desires? When we turn to worldly things instead of Him?

I know that sometimes it is just so much easier to just search for something that’s easily within our reach, something physical, something that we can feel, touch and see.
But one thing we should remember, Christ is always within our grasp. He is within us. He is just a prayer away and we can feel Him when we really set our minds to it. He loves us just the same, and He loves us through all our sins.
He is always waiting for us even while we are searching for other things. When we finally do turn to Him, He invites us in with open arms.
The world is never enough for us, because it cannot fill that desire within us when only Christ can. Christ is enough for us. He is all we need. All we want.
I have shared some of my favorite scriptures, which I pray will help you, lift you up and encourage you to seek His face on this beautiful day.

“Look to the Lord and His strength. Seek His face always.”
– 1 Chronicles 16:11

Philip said; ‘Lord show us the Father, and that is enough for us.”
– John 14:8

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
– Jeremiah 29:13

I am reminded that there are people, followers of Christ who are so happy with what little they have because they have everything they need in Christ, and I see that as a beautiful inspiration to keep seeking Him.
When we need Him the most, let us go down on our knees and lift our hands towards heaven.

“Lord, how often is that I search for other things, other than you? How often is it that I seek other things to fulfill my desire? How often is that I neglect to find You when I need You most?
Father, I ask that you intensify my desire for You, that the fire in my soul grows stronger for you, and may it burn with passion, desire to seek only You. Teach my mind discipline, to know when exactly to seek You when I start to crave and lust after other things.
Teach me to walk after you, to walk with you, to lean upon your guidance and your ways.
Father, find me when I’m at my weakest, when I’m on my knees, find me and draw me close to you. Thank you that you are always there, that I can always turn to you, and be welcomed with open arms.
In Jesus’ Name,

– Sarah

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