Drugs & Alcohol, Hope Is Never Silent Series To The Lost Sheep; You’re Worth Saving! February 13, 2019

“In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!…In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.”
Luke 15:7‭, ‬10 NLT

Addiction. It’s such a messy, family destroying, demonic thing.

The reason I use the word demonic is because that’s exactly how I see it. Through what I’ve seen. It’s a spiritual bondage on a person’s life that destroys everyone around.

I have a close family member who is currently still in the bondage to drug addiction for 20 years now.

Our family has been through so much. I have seen my parents lives destroyed. Relapse after relapse. Relationships restored then ruined again. Over and over and over again. The sacrificial love of parents. The standing firm of my parents. The belief in change. Then the disappointment again.

And I saw this family member try. There were times it was genuine. He got his life right. Made effort but addiction is a stronghold. And the enemy is brilliant at keeping people in bondage.

It’s manipulative. It’s a rollercoaster. It’s hopeless – without God.
Nobody can be truly set free in their own strength. And without God it is so hard to be there for a person in addiction showing love but also standing strong and firm.

Over the years I became distant to pur family situation because I got married and had kids and moved on with my life but my parents sat with the heartache. I got used to the situation and desensitized. Because it no longer directly affected me. And being in a different country hasn’t helped much. I realised that a few years ago I wasn’t really praying anymore because part of me stopped believing he would ever truly change.

And this from my part was really wrong! Because prayer is a powerful weapon in a battle we cannot fight alone. And prayer and faith in Jesus genuinely changes situations because it’s then that things shift.

There are 2 women on this group still directly being affected by the situation and have had to be strong and hard and walk away. Out of love in hope that he comes back and gets free.

Oh my heart breaks for people addicted! And for the families who are feeling hopeless because there is just no longer anything you can do.

The problem with addiction is the person needs to genuinely want help and be set free and unfortunately sometimes the addiction is just too comforting and they are willing to rather give their entire life away then work through it. And sometimes you need to be firm and walk away.

The reality of all of this – until the day Christ returns there will be a spiritual battle on for our souls. Satan won’t be satisfied until he has won as many people as he can and addiction is one of the way he grips people.

If we can actually grasp the reality of this spiritual battle and if we could actually grasp that anyone could go to hell and suffer for eternity, we would and should do as much as we can to save them. I am not speaking about enabling an addict, I am speaking about them being set free! No one is beyond saving. No one is NOT worth saving. And we should fight for them to be saved. Prayer. Deliverance. Fasting. More prayer.

How seriously are we pleading with God to save them from death, both spiritual and physical?

We need to get our hearts back for the lost. We need to start being more active.
If you can be the result of one person being set free and saved, isn’t it worth it? The Bible says all of Heaven rejoices for ONE lost soul!

You might not be able to save that close family member but God can so please never stop praying. Never give up!

Father God, we need you! Without you we are completely lost. Please come into our lives, our families, our homes, and bring restoration. We plead with you on behalf if those stuck in bondage and oppression, to set them free. Bring them to a place that they can truly encounter you and be set free from the bondage of addiction. We ask You to bring healing and restoration. We ask for your wisdom and intervention.
In Jesus name, Amen

– Rochelle

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